The Art of the Table

Master the complex techniques of refined dining through this exciting hands-on Dining Etiquette session followed by a 3-course meal. Here you will learn the Formal British Table Setting for the formal or traditional events along with a Casual Table Setting for a house party or other less formal events. This programme includes the art of fine dining, do’s and don’ts at the table, cultural awareness at the table, toasting, posture and buffet etiquette.

Social Etiquette and General Behaviour

Learn the art of presenting yourself as an individual with finesse and poise through our Social Etiquette and General Behaviour Programme. Here you will learn and understand the necessary social graces through body language, personal grooming, personal image & society dress codes, posture, poise and deportment as well as cultural awareness.

Business Etiquette & Protocol

Transform yourself into a confident and polished professional through our Business Etiquette & Protocol Programme. This programme includes corporate grooming & protocol, business etiquette, communication skills, posture & body language, networking, interview skills and netiquette.

Children & Youth Etiquette Programmes

Learn social, dining & communication skills through our Children & Youth Etiquette Programme especially designed for children, pre-teens and teenagers. This activity-filled programme moulds our young diplomats into confident and polished individuals by learning and understanding the importance of everyday etiquette, dining skills & table manners, the art of making friends, using magic words, conversation & listening skills, social greetings, self respect & respect for others, grooming & cleanliness, party etiquette, the etiquette of public places and telephone skills.

The Finishing Touch & Image Building Programmes

For Ladies:

“A woman with class is timeless.”

Learn to conduct yourself gracefully while you dress to impress. Through this programme, we guide you to understand your personal style and select clothes that flatter your body shape, face shape and personal colouring along with communication skills, grooming, posture, poise and deportment.

For Gentlemen:

“Good manners on a man are like wearing an exquisite suit. They never go out of style.”

Add a touch of class to your wardrobe through our Image Building and Finishing Programme. We help you elevate your confidence and dress appropriately for every occasion by getting a deeper understanding of your personal style along with shapes that flatter your body.

Courtesies Of Society

Present yourself as a responsible and respectful member of the society through our Courtesies of Society programme. This Programme includes airline etiquette, keeping your surroundings clean, elevator & escalator etiquette, hospital courtesies, restroom etiquette and the art of eating gracefully.

The Art of Entertaining & Party Etiquette

Master the skills of hosting a perfect get-together through The Art of Entertaining & Party Etiquette Programme. In this programme, you will learn to carry out the duties of a perfect host with grace and finesse. This programme also includes understanding and learning the duties of a perfect guest, party planning, invitation etiquette, party etiquette and table setting.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Master the art and etiquette of English afternoon tea through our hands-on Afternoon Tea Etiquette Session. Here you will learn the difference between afternoon tea, cream tea, high tea and royal tea along with an elegant 4-course tea meal. This programme also includes hostess & guest duties, drinking tea elegantly, posture and teatime finesse.

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