About Destinations

Iceland is that good dream that you keep wanting to see over and over again. Against popular belief, it’s not all ice. There is so much to explore and witness. Its extraordinary beaches will leave you stunned, and the nights and days here will become the most precious memories you hold. There are volcanoes, glacial lakes with crystal diamonds all over, and breathtaking ice caves. To top it all, the Northen Lights will leave you speechless. It’s an experience that touches your soul in ways you cannot express in words.

Finland, also known for its Lapland region that covers up to one-third of the country is fantasized as the land of the elves, reindeers and all the elements of a dreamy Christmas eve from a story book. It goes without saying that this place is nothing short of stunning because its beauty is subtle yet overwhelming. The seasons here are as magical as it can be. In winters the daylight is the shade of a gloom playing on a loop, and in summers, the nights are tucked behind the curtains of the bright sky. The skies hold different drama altogether with the gleaming Northern lights that will take your breath away in an instant. In short, it’s a place you can never get enough of.

Trip Highlights

  • Snowmobile through a Reindeer Farm
  • Touring the breathtaking Ice Cap
  • Witness the giant Whales
  • Watch the exploding Geysers
  • UNESCO – Geological Wonders
  • Northern Lights Centre
  • The Black Sand Beaches
  • The Geothermal & Glacial Lagoons with Icebergs